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The Balloon Selfie

Ever since I can remenber, the most iconic must do picture  on every Disney vacation wasn’t a ride or a character, but an object…or in my case, a couple dozen of them.


Being born in Florida with parents who were neighbors with a diver from The Living Seas Pavillion at Epcot had its perks, at least for the first 6 months or so of my life. Hello, comp tickets.

When my family left Florida to move to Pennsylvania to be closer to my grandparents and other family, they always made a promise to take me back every year or every other year. And they did.

There were many pictures with the characters and on rides, but one trend was always me playing in the giant plumes of Mickey balloons. Ever since I can remember, I had to get my picture with the balloons. It was sacrilegious if I didn’t.

So it became an unofficial goal of mine. Any time I’d go to Disney, I’d snap a picture of myself in the balloons.

In college, I was fortunate enough to make it to Disneyland, and after this picture was taken, the Balloon Selfie became a thing


I become a cast member in 2013, which opened the door to a vast array of selfie opprotunities, none of which involved a stick. LOL


People, fellow cast members included, always asked me why I do it. And for the life of me, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m impressed that the Balloon Vender doesn’t float away into space, or the fact they can separate the one balloon Junior wants out of a couple dozen floating together in one what seems tangled mess.


But I think in the end, a balloon stands for hope, defying gravity and not being held back . It stands for the fact I am still able to see despite what doctors told my parents as a child. Balloons are color, as vivid as my imagination. Every time I see them, no matter what bad thing is happening in my life or the crappy day I have been having, all I need to do is walk into Magic Kingdom, take a selfie and leave…and yes, I’ve done that before. Ain’t no shame in admitting that.


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