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Stuck Like Glue Reunion

After 6 years of being separated from my best friend Bill, it’s finally official, the staff gave him the OK to come visit me.

This is big news for many reasons.

Ever since my college days, I always wanted to treat him to a trip to Disney with my fellow college buddies. We had plans to road trip it from Rhode Island to Florida, but a majority of things happened that prevented our great escape from ever happening, including a relationship with someone who was controlling and didn’t allow me to see him.

It’s also the first time since we ever became friends that his staff see me as a friend instead of an enemy. They see the potential I have to be a responsible role model and caregiver, something I’ve been trying to strive since we met. Because why would a college kid out of the kindness of her own heart would want to hang with someone like him anyway? (Sheesh!)

I still got many months ahead of me to plan for this special week, seeing as his one day a week job can only get him so far and so much. But when it happens, it will be a great week of healing and a wonderful escape from reality for a bit. It’s been so long. Too long.

Although I do have worries about how I’m going to pull off this visit given the resources I have. Six years has done a toll on his body and he is limited in what he can and can’t do. And as for me, a recent unknown shoulder injury might make handling his personal care difficult (hoping he has the money to book a spot on Disney property, because my second floor non accessible apartment is going to be the death of me that week.)

I’m sure the time we have together will be more than enough to compensate for that.The wait will be worth it though, seeing as it gives me enough time to find out what happened to my shoulder and how I will be able to fix it. My visit to a Sports Medicine clinic down here in August will hopefully give me answers.

My friends at work question my mentality as I take on this big task. But you know what? After all I have been through the last few years, I’ll put up with the heavy lifting and other nonsense it takes to care for someone with Cerebral palsy. Especially if it means having the opprotunity to give him an epic vacation.

Faith, trust, and a little pixie dust.

I can’t wait until you arrive. Florida needs a little more Sunshine.



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