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What Went Well- July 25

A good friend of mine started this challange on her Facebook feed as part of a stress management class and I’d figure this would be a great place to try it out.

The challange is that each day, you write up 3 things that went well today in an effort to show that despite how crappy a day can get, something positive is hidden in there somewhere.

So here I go.

-I woke up to Tiny curled up next to me in bed. He is typically the hyper pain in the rear who would rather play “The Floor is Lava” game at 3am with no regard to whether you want to sleep or not. He let me sleep in. Thanks buddy.


-Free snacks in the break room. Jan cleaned out her pantry and brought in a big bag of snacks. Yay Rice Crispy Treats! (No picture since I ate it.)

-I started a collection of Monorail Cards for Bill’s special care package. Each year, I try to send him a few gifts from down here so I can sprinkle some pixie dust his way. Little known fact- anyone can get these for free. Just ask a Monorail host. (Sorry it’s foggy, it’s hard to photograph on a bus.)


I’m hoping to make this a daily thing and I hope this inspires others to try it out. A little positivity goes a long way.


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