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What Went Well- July 26

Today so far has been an OK day. Since technically my day is over already due to me being granted an Early Release home so I can make the buses back, I’d figure I’d get a head start and put up my three for today.

-I woke up this morning to check my schedule for next week, my typical Sunday ritual is to wake up at Midnight with a few of my work buddies to set up trades for shifts. Usually when I over sleep, I miss out on the good trades. Well this morning to my surprise, I was granted a surprise weekend off, apparently I asked for that weekend off and I can’t figure out why. So I took that to my advantage, picked up a Friday shift (since I need to pay bills) and decided to sign up for a shift at the Community Food and Outreach Center again. I haven’t VoluntEARed in awhile and want to make my 30 hours before September 29th in time for my 30th birthday. This will bring those hours up in no time.

-I helped a guest today surprise her teenage daughter with tickets for her friend who is flying from out of state. I made a big deal out of it with her, got her friend’s ticket packaged nicely and snagged some buttons for their trip back here next week. The mother was in tears that I took the time to make this a big deal for them when they return. I told her that I’m experiencing the same excitement for when Bill is coming down so I know how she feels. It’s rare these days to have a smiling guest. The vibes at the booth today were awesome. Decent sales and even better people.

-Today was Cast Movie Day in the conference room. Once in awhile, they do a few little fun events at work to keep everyone’s spirits up. Today, they had my favorite movie Big Hero Six playing and free popcorn. Can’t beat that.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.



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