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What Went Well- July 27

My post today is very boring, because today was pretty boring. However, boring doesn’t always mean bad or negative.

-After looking at my paystub for this week, I noticed I was going to be in a bind for rent due next week, so rather than panicking like I normally do, I managed to figure out the numbers and decided that I would be paying my rent in chunks, it will be a pain in the rear since I have to make a trip to get a money order, but it’s doable. I have food in the house for me, mom, and the cats and all the basics I need to hold me over so I’ll be fine.

-I made cupcakes with my mom and took a nice quiet dip in the pool. Relaxation does wonders, and the warm water in the pool has been helping me out with my shoulder. And the cupcakes have lifted my spirits.

-I got invited to spend the night at a friend from work’s house on Wednesday and to Epcot on Thursday with her as we take her buddy from Los Vegas around to the parks. A little girl time is what I need.

Well it’s off to bed I go then. After I “water” the cat  (Da Vinci is having one of those nights again.)



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