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What Went Well – August 3

Today was a pretty decent day. Work was insanely busy, but I managed to survive.


-I volunteered to represent Vacation Planning in a video project showcasing some great guest experiences for our cast member picnic event later this month. I had my story filmed about a situation I had with a special needs guest that turned a potential melt down crisis into problem solved. My manager loved it.

-I went to Subway at work and got a Sweet Onion Chicken sub and a cherry Dr. Pepper. Today was a good day to treat myself.

-I rented the movie Home for Mom when I got done work. Since her car has broken down, she’s been stranded at the house, so I figured a night in with a rental ought to make things right.

-Oh yeah, and guess who is getting his first part of his care package tomorrow? I left some subtle hints as to what his big surprise will be. Now if only I could find a big enough mailbox to drop it in.



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