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Daily Stranding

Well here I am yet again in my own personal hell. the Lynx Central Station in Downtown Orlando.


Whenever I have a shift that ends on the hour, you can almost garuntee being laid over downtown due to traffic on I-4 and a combination of tourists unable to count American currency or attempt to haggle the price for a bus pass (true story.)

As someone who is legally blind, the buses are a need in order for me to survive. Orlando is too stretched out and sadly so is the bus schedules.

For instance, I live near Universal but work at Disney. You would think the buses to both places would magically synchronize so if you have to get on one, you have time to make the transfer.

The Disney bus runs every half hour, but my bus that heads directly to Universal runs only once an hour. If I miss that bus, tough tits. I’m camping out in a bus terminal with nothing more than a handful of benches and if I have money, a take out cafe that sells the closest thing to a Philly Cheesesteak I’ll ever get down here. There’s nothing fun to walk to down here nor do they do anything fun like they used to at Kennedy Plaza, which is the bus depot in Providence. It’s just a battle to not get bothered from the bums or the bible thumping preachers.

Headphones and an extra battery pack are a girl’s best friend.

It just sucks it has to be that way though. But it’s my reality, my nightmare, the push that makes me some days just want to quit this job and take a job at the mall near my house.

If only more government funding was made available and was used wisely, if more buses would run or if the train to nowhere,the SunRail, actually went somewhere I needed to get to, life would be easier.

But here I sit in this nightmare, yet again.

At least I got a bench this time.


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