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The Dreaded Annual Plan

And no, this time I am not talking about the annual passes I sell on the daily…or don’t sell.

It’s Bill’s annual plan coming up, that time of the year where he discusses his goals for the year and how he plans to accomplish them.

Normally I could care less about this time of year since I have been absent from his presence for the last 6 years or so. I moved on and away living my own life and up until recently didn’t plan on having my name dropped as part of a goal for his plan.

Last time it happened, it didn’t go well. I was deemed a bad influence on him because I was young, dumb, and took priority over partying like any typical college girl who just got let loose into the world of adulthood. I was treated unfairly, and no matter how I bent over backwards to please them, they just didn’t like me. I was his protector, his best friend, and despite the crazy things that happened, I took his safety over mine always.

Things have changed a lot since then, I sobered up, got a job, my own apartment, and aside from transportation and waiting for the full time bid to fall through, I got my stuff together. I have a great perk with my job that allows me to gift him the vacation my friends and I promised him.  Needless to say, I got a lot to measure up to from the last time they saw my name dropped on his plan.

The goal is simple, get him down here for a week or two so we can catch up on the last six years and have some fun, the Disney way, of course.

I’m worried as to the wording he would use to mention coming down. He tends to get caught up in the moment sometimes and that could be a bad thing. How will I be represented when I’m down here and he is up there? Will my past get thrown in his face again? Should I just play an Elsa and “Let it go!” and let whatever happen happen?  Will I ever see my best friend again?

In about a week or so, we’ll find out. So far, his staff are cool with him coming down, but it isn’t official until it’s on the plan.

That dreaded plan.



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