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What Went Well – August 13

So much went well today. I normally don’t make the trek to the parks on my off days, but today, I had to for our special cast party. It’s a once a year event where us cast members get treated to a buffet of different food and desserts from the upcoming festival, a live DJ and band, and of course, the “boss” and his fellow “board members”.



Before I wandered over, I had to mail Bill’s package out and had breakfast at Keke’s Breakfast Cafe while I waited for the post office to open. A tad pricey for a breakfast place but well worth it for the amount of food you get. This Cheesesteak Omelet was HUGE!


I was heading home from the party when I found out my friend Bryce was wandering around Epcot as well, so of course I let him and his buddy “kidnap” me for a few hours at Magic Kingdom and later on, dinner at PF Changs. It was awesome getting to catch up with him.


Well since it’s about midnight, I’m about ready to attempt at surviving work on five hours of sleep. This should be fun.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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