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What Went Well – August 14

The best thing that  happened today was also the worst. My sales kicked up tremendously due to Florida residents upgrading their tickets to tickets that were blocked out. The bad thing is the amount of demographics I have to type into the system to get the ticket to work. Demographics hurt my eyes since I have to read small ideas. I’ll take the pain over bad sales any day.

I managed to start early and leave early yesterday. Which felt good to catch a bus on time with little to no traffic. I bumped into one of my friends from the Spooky Empire. It felt good to catch up.

I fell asleep around 5:30pm and was asleep until about 9am. Amazing what happens when it comes to a rush at work of Florida residents. It’s going to take a few weeks for the strengh in my eyes and my stamina to kick in. This summer was fairly quiet so I’m used to gaps in between people. Not this weekend.


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