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What Went Wrong- August 15

So normally I wanted to focus on the positive but yesterday brought negativity to the third degree.

Bill had a bit of a setback. A big one that might of cost our friendship.

I don’t want to blab his details on here, other than the one thing that I need to vent about that he said.

He decided I’m not worth a friendship due to the fact that me choosing this job over moving back to Rhode Island is “Selfish”.

Needless to say, I was devastated.

Upon further investigation, turns out he is really upset that I’m not able to get up there to visit him due to lack of full time bids being available to me and the fact his dinky paychecks and disability check only goes so far.

I get why he was upset, but it was still a crushing blow to me. The guilt is enough to kill off your buzz. So apologies to those I snapped at today.

I know living life with someone mentally disabled is far from sunshine and lollipops, but last night I wasn’t expecting.

We decided to take a break from idle chat for awhile to let things cool down. He tends to jump the gun too quickly when it comes to his actions.

I am glad things are patchable. But it still leaves that question lingering in the background. “Was me coming down to work here considered selfish?”

Who knows anymore.


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