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What Went Well – August 17


I took the parents to Epcot yesterday. Had a blast wandering around my work and giving them the impromptu tour of Future World. They haven’t been to Epcot in over a decade so a lot has changed.


The best part of the day was wandering around The Seas Pavillion. My favorite attraction on property.



Afterwards, we went to the cast member only shop so we could top me up on food and get stuff for my baby cousin, who they’re going to visit in Georgia after they leave. I stumbled across a few things, but this little Hipster Mickey was a keeper, only $17. I always loved the Wonderground Gallery but could never afford anything beyond a coffee mug or postcard. Now he’s sitting pretty with his Starbucks in hand on my wall.


The parents left for Georgia and for home afterwards a few minutes ago. I’m so thankful for the time I get to spend with them, even if it’s for a few days at a time. Hoping to go back in November for a few days. I miss home and it’s about time I get up there somehow.

Well here I go. I was supposed to go VoluntEAR today, but I got a few things I need done around the house before my work week begins.


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