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What Went Well – August 18

Mom and Dad left earlier than I thought, which left me with just the boys again.


So I relaxed a bit, rearranged my living space and had a nice OnDemand day catching up on my shows and such. I finally got to see what the hype was about Disney’s Descendents. My guests have been obsessed with it. Cute storyline and character design.

My friend Amanda is thinking of getting an apartment with me in the same complex I’m in, so most of my afternoon has been spent on the phone with her working out the possible details. I still feel a little uneasy about dealing with a roomate again, but at least I know it’s a great friend who is open and honest, so it’s something I can appreciate. It will help the both of us financially in the long run.

Well, my day isn’t even half over yet. Just got done work. Let’s see what’s in store when I get home.


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