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What Went Well – August 19

I survived my first night alone and went to work in a good mood. I sold a lot of really good tickets and managed to scare up some cash from my account for some shrimp and fries on the way home.

My ex RJ, who has finally settled into an apartment a few towns over, managed to swing by and get a few things that were locked away in my storage unit outside. He still has a pile of crap here, but is coming by with a bigger van and help from his RA’s tomorrow  (the place he’s in is almost like a dormitory of  sorts for the homeless.) I wish him all the best.

Today is a busy day, back to back meetings with Amanda and the landlord to see about moving into another apartment within the area, on top of an amended version of the Annual Plan meeting for Bill, since his phone died, I wasn’t able to be a part of a good chunk of it.

The day is still young. So stay tuned.


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