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What Went Well – August 22 and 23

The last two days have been a hodge podge of crazy. After being denied an apartment due to my cruddy finances and my complex being sold out of 2 bedroom units, it has left us both in a state of panic, more specifically Amanda, who needs a place by November.

Well yesterday, I get a phone call after work offering us a shot at a 2 bedroom someone canceled on. We agreed to give it a go, and paperwork on her end will start today, with me to follow if I can bail out of work early.

The fear of uprooting for me has always been a thing. Most of my adult life, I have spent apartment, dorm, and couch surfing with my longest stay in one spot being this place I am at now. I finally got settled over the summer now that I have a bed and better furniture. My apartment looks like an apartment. Now that this 2 bedroom became open, I got to dismantle everything and move. Luckily it’s in the same complex. And with a roomate, I’ll have more money to spare since we will be splitting everything. So the positives outweigh the negatives.

Between this and getting the last leg of breaking up with RJ out of the way, breaking off my phone contract, a lot is going on. Too much.

But in the long run, I will be happy. At least I hope I will be. I’ll be happy to know money can be freed up and that I’ll have a cheaper phone plan. A step in the right direction for sure.

Just wish it all wasn’t happening at once.


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