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What Went Well – August 24

So the Apartment Saga has come to an end. Not the way I was hoping, but at least I don’t have to move any time soon. It’s going to take a few months to get the evil marks on my credit history off. But in the end, this will open up a world of possibilities. I don’t have that added stress of moving on my list. Time to focus on other things.

One thing I’m working on is keeping my duel proficiency at work. A duel proficiency is when you are cross trained in different departments. So in case you can’t pick up extra hours in say Vacation Planning, you can go back to your previous training experience and do Merchandise, which I used to work at before transferring to Epcot.

Apparently, I am still considered cross trained as long as I do one shift every year or so. Since that year is coming up, I plan to pick up this Thursday at a gift shop in front of Magic Kingdom’s monorail station. Good news is no changing my costume since it’s the same costume I wear at my current role.

I also heard from Bill about his potential trip to Florida and I’m happy to report he is very close to reaching his first goal of the plane tickets to get down here. This is awesome news considering he might be down here in time for January or February. The more I hear about his plans, the more excited I am getting. I haven’t seen him in over 7 years and it’s about damn time for a reunion.

I’m off to my physical therapy appointment to get my shoulder worked on. The stronger I can get my upper arms and shoulder, the better prepared I will be when Bill arrives. It’s going to be a busy couple weeks. I’m a lazy ass. Time to snap out of this lazy funk I’m in and do something.


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