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What Went Well – August 25

I had my first round of physical therapy. After doing the evaluation, the therapist told me a big thing that we’ll be working on is posture, something hard for me to work on since I work in multiple booths daily, many of them laid out different and not all of them “feng shui” correctly. And on top of that, I have scoliosis, so I’m far from even to begin with. He believes my issues are related to sitting all day at a desk. Funny that this is my first desk job and I’m in worse shape than I was as a stock girl at Walmart or a personal care aide lifting kids and young adults out of wheelchairs and such. Go figure.


I did have a relaxing day. I worked on a few small home decor projects and tidied up a bit, made myself a pin board for my Disney pins. Amazing what gift wrap and a piece of cardboard can do.


Well it’s off to work I go. Let’s see what wonders await me today.


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