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What Went Well – August 28 and 29

The last few days have been busy on the work front, so much in fact, I have basically been a walking zombie.

Yesterday, I had a training at work that didn’t go according to plan. I’ve been emotionally a wreck the last few weeks and don’t know why and apparently it’s showing. I’m hoping the small 4 day break I am taking (mostly due to the uncertainty of Tropical Storm Erika) will lift my spirits and help me snap out of the funk.

But despite the bad at work comes some good. That good being that my Ears To You grant was processed and made its way to the Down Syndrome Society of Rhode Island. And I finally got the certificate to prove it. It feels great to be appreciated.


So from about 9pm last night up until about 3pm today, I have been a sleepy hot mess. Never did make it to the store and didn’t do much of anything.

Besides teach Bill to Skype. Or in this case, he taught me.


After 7 years, we finally get to see each other again. We spent hours giving each other tours of our apartments and making silly faces at each other, just like old times. I missed times like this. And I’m so grateful modern technology can bring us together from thousands of miles away.

Well it’s off to try and reload my laundry card. It’s no fun being 2 weeks behind on stuff.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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