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What Went Well – August 30-September 1

The last three days were a nice break from reality. A combination of not being able to pick up shifts due to the slow season and me prepping for a hurricane that never happened, I took advantage of the 4 day break and just geeked out.


One of the cool things about my Target when I went food shopping is that it’s all prepped up for Force Friday this week, complete with a giant Chewbacca plush in the front lobby. Since I know work is in the way of me camping out at Midnight to put my name in the hat, looks like this is as close to him as I’m going to get.


I bumped into a friend on my travels and it was fun taking stupid pics of me in the toy aisle. I’ll be 30 in about a month or so, but knowing me, I’m a four year old trapped in an adult body.


I stumbled upon a box of Catbug! And of course, I had to let my guard down and give in. He was very cheap compared to what he would be at a con, so I figured why not?


Even the register was pimped out in all its Star Wars glory!

The rest of my weekend was spent in geeky splender. I rearranged my collection a bit and got hooked on a few animes I wanted to check out. Blue Exorcist is my new addiction.

But alas, it’s time to go back into the grown up world and get back to work. This week is an odd week, since I’m having the worse luck picking up shifts. I’m working only 2 days this week, which means yucky paycheck come next week. Hoping that changes. Someone wants a day off this weekend, right?

Let’s do this!


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