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What Went Well- September 2-3

I had work on the 2nd. First day of work all week. My morning started off with a blast…from the rocket they shot off at Cape Canaveral. The first time I was able to see a launch, or at least the last bit of it, live and in person. I had no idea I could see it. It was amazing!



While at work, my friend Drea texted me to let me know she was in town. I haven’t seen her since high school, so I offered to get her in to Disney so we could catch up. And well, we wound up at Magic Kingdom. And of course I had to take a balloon selfie before my phone died.


While jokingly being held hostage in the Happiest Place on Earth, I did manage to do some research on Bill’s impending visit in regards to ride accessibility. Came to find that I could take him on about 95% of the rides and that he would be eligible for the Disability Access Service, which would help us her priority seating for parades and such. As someone who is legally blind, I never really thought of using this service out of respect for others who need it. And this is a case where I might need it. “It never hurts to try.” the young man at Guest Relations told me.

I can’t wait to get him down here. I also found out he is about $50 shy of getting his plane ticket. His goal is to get the ticket purchased as sort of an early birthday present for me. The sooner he does this, the more overtime I can snag and plan this trip to the nines.


Yesterday was yet another day off, where I managed to get some food shopping done and recover from being on my feet the night before. It was a great night. I managed to bump into RJ on my travels for a bit. Glad to hear his job is going well.

Well off I go to work. Hoping today goes by quickly and treats me well.


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