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What Went Well – September 5-8

The last few days have been very uneventful to say the least. Nothing blog worthy by any means.

Although I managed to score Bill a few epic dining reservations for his arrival this January. Be Our Guest, or “Beast’s Castle” as he calls it, and Hollywood and Vine for the Disney Junior Play and Dine. Apparently someone other than me is in love with Princess Sofia. He is so excited.

I have started to make contact with his staff and so far so good. I spoke to my manager about the possibility of getting a few off days set for that week and she is so much on board for it. Considering she is a mother of someone with special needs, it feels good to have someone to answer my questions about this trip, like the boarding passes to get me into the terminal when I drop him off and such. Blessed to have a great support system at work on this. My friends are excited to meet him, even some of them willing to give me their shifts for the couple weeks leading up to the trip so I can make this trip one he’ll remember forever.

In other news, I am finally in the process of getting a loaner magnifier from work since my schedule has been way too busy to get down to re open my case with Blind and Visual Services. The magnifiers I have been using from there were awesome, but broke easily and wouldn’t keep a charge. I have been using RJ’s old camera lenses but they aren’t that strong enough to make my pace at work go quicker, especially during Food and Wine Festival. I apologize in advance if heaven forbid you are in my line this fall. Please don’t kill me.

Well it’s off to work. Let’s do this.



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