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What Went Well- September 9

After two and a half years of hunting down extra hours, juggling accommodation form after accommodation form to health services, dealing with changing my schedules around, and couch surfing during very busy seasons with no set schedule, I’m pleased to announce that I am an official FULL TIME vacation planner.

That’s right. All those years being part time and job hopping have paid off.

I am here to stay.

I have a career.

I have a chance at legit health care that is accessible to me when I need it.

I can work my butt off and retire.

Small things the normal folk take for granted make the world to me. Growing up being told I would have to live completely off the system given my disabilty has put me down. I was always told no.

I proved them all wrong.

September 27th, two days before my 30th birthday, a better chapter of my life will begin.  There will be bumps in the road, but I know I can overcome it.

Dreams come true.


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