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What Went Well – September 10-12

The last few days brought a lot of heartache when it comes to planning out this trip for Bill. I just wanted it to happen sooner then later, but the good thing is that the fall out from all this planning will lead to a better trip.

My friend Amanda thought I was on the deep end when I told her I wanted to do this 100% on my own, and one thing led to another and now my parents, the last two people in the world who would give a crap, are now on board and ready to help set this up better. The staff are working on having a meeting with me Monday to go over logistics and how much longer this thing is going to take, and whether it will be easier for me to make a trip up myself to hold us over.

In the meantime, Amanda and I went out yesterday to celebrate my full time. We went to Red Lobster (YAY CHEDDAR BISCUITS!) and went to see The Visit, great movie.

This morning was our Heart Walk. Due to life getting in our way, we never did raise any money like we hoped, but we sure represented.


They had two different routes we could take, a 3 mile and a 1 mile. We stuck with the 1 mile just to play it safe. Plus, we had to hike the scenic route to the event from where we parked.

We were met at the finish line by Storm Troopers. These guys are at almost every event down here and are fun to be around.


Although our plans for raising money didn’t fall through, we still managed to rack up some time on our Ears to You grants for this year, and by us being there, we made a big impact in representing the loved ones that have suffered various heart defects and stroke, like my mother and Amanda’s grandparents.


I’m hoping next year, we can do more for this wonderful event. But for now, it’s time to relax and take in the down time on one of my last weekends off before full time kicks in.

I might be taking a break from What Went Well and my writing for a bit since life so far is kicking into high gear. But until then, live long and prosper.


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