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Overcoming My Nightmare

Since February, I have been adjusting to life as a single person again. Although me and Bill have kind of a thing going on recently, it never exceeds past a nightly Skype session or phone call. I’m left alone to fight my demons and find out who I am and what my purpose on this earth is. So far, things have been awesome, especially since I got the full time bid.

But too often, I worried about my ex, a product of the system who has battled homelessness most of his life. How would he be able to cope with being thrown out on the street? Will he ever find employment given his demons and lack of jobs on his resume?

In the few short months he has been gone, he has finally had a wake up call and got the help he needed. He has his own place, has been going to therapy, and is more determined than ever to move forward with his life.

And most recently, he got his dream job working at one of the local theme parks as a scare actor for their annual Halloween event, which thanks to a few friends from the convention circuit, I was able to attend the other night as part of employee preview night.


Although me and him have been on limited speaking terms lately and only see each other in passing and at the different local pop culture conventions, I feel it’s safe to say I’m proud of him for all he has been through in his life leading up to where he is now.

My friends and family hate him for all we have been through and I still hold that grudge. But to see him chase his dreams is nothing short of inspiring. Even if it’s just a temp job. He is finally doing the same thing I did years ago when I packed my bags and went to Florida.

Just because I’m proud doesn’t mean anything but that. We have our own lives now. And my mind is at ease because he is finally moving on and moving forward, which gives me the strengh to keep going now I don’t have to worry anymore.

Props to you. Haters going to hate, but in this case, hater is going to appreciate.

Break a leg out there.



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