Posted in Pondering about PTSD

Medicated and Mighty

t takes a lot to admit you need help, even if it is from a bottle. A few of my fellow Mighty bloggers have recently jumped on a selfie bandwagon known under the hash tag #MedicatedandMighty. It’s an attempt to end the stigma regarding mental illness and taking medication for it. It’s hard to open up my problems to people and I know I have plenty of haters and drama queens that will take this and run with it. But the feelings I have had the last few weeks and even the last few years have been real. You can’t just pull an Elsa and “conceal, don’t feel.” your way through life. Sometimes you have to “Let it go.” and ask for help.

My name is Amanda
I have anxiety, depression, and PTSD.
I am #MedicatedandMighty

But I’m still the same Amanda you have come to know and love. Don’t let the bottles change your mind. #EndTheStigma



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