Posted in Pondering about PTSD

Medicated and…not so mighty.

Why hello new drugs,

Welcome to Mandy’s body, this is the very vessel that will house you for however long this depression will last.

Feel free to get comfortable, her body and her mind needs you to settle down and enjoy yourself.

Just don’t enjoy yourself too much. You know, like make her too groggy or sleepy. Today, what was supposed to be a two hour nap turned into 8 hours. No bueno.

You see, in order for her to be at her optimum functionality to go back to work and be productive, she can’t have this happen. You did wonders today going to her group meeting and the grocery store, and then you crashed, killing off a nice evening of binge watching her shows, skyping Bill, and making dinner.

You see meds, Mandy needs to learn to function as if nothing happened to her, and well, this shit is ridiculous.

They say it takes a week to kick in and what have not, but  please get your act together quicker so she isn’t a walker from the Walking Dead, although come to think of it that would be a bad ass costume for her now that you’re here.

Stay Mighty, just not too Mighty.


Mandy’s body and brain.


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