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My Ugly Tattoo

Whenever I am wandering around town, my right ankle always strikes up conversations to curious bystanders.

“I don’t get it!” or “How is that glue? It looks like something broken.” is the typical response after reading the child like scribble “Stuck Like Glue” that circles an odd abstract shape adorned in blue ink.

The scribble was always a design done by my friend Bill whenever he would write me little love notes or draw me pictures in his day program. Same little design would wind up in his Christmas and birthday cards as well.

The weird 5 prong design always baffled me, the intricate swerves and spikes seemed very artistic like in nature, drawn with such passion in mind despite what my roomates thought were just child like scribbles of a man with the mindset of one.

One day, I skipped class to go to day program with him to unwind after a heavy week of midterms and essays. I sat down with him at his table full of art supplies as he doodled away.

“What are you making?” I asked him.

“I’m making a picture of us and a robot. And you’re a pretty princess in this picture too.”

I watched him doodle away and I noticed above his picture and my princess portrait, he drew that design again.

“What is that, Billy?” I asked.

“It’s a heart because I love you.”

After all those years, those little designs everyone stared at and dismissed as scribbles were actually a sign of love and endearment done in only a way he could communicate with.

When my years in college were heading to a close, I decided to get that little design and our saying on my ankle. I proudly rock that “ugly tattoo” with pride because looks can be deceiving and love never dies.  For every step I take in this world, his love and devotion for me follows where ever I go for all eternity.

Some say they wear their heart on their sleeve, I proudly wear mine on my ankle.



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