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A Reminder From Your Friendly Neighborhood Vacation Planner During Festival Season

Greetings and welcome to our park.

I bet you are as excited as we are that you have come to this happy place to celebrate with us during our festival.

Just a few friendly reminders as you find yourself in our main entrance plaza, surrounded by a couple thousand plus others waiting to get in, or as I jokingly refer to it based on the will calls we get, half the population of Miami.

We are a magical bunch, just not that magical.
We try our best to rush the line to get you in to have some fun. But we do have jobs we need to do and questions we need to ask just to make sure you have the ticket you need. We are more than just the park you’re in right now. We are a whole world, and if you plan on being here longer, we need to know about it so we can make your visit stress free. Sometimes our computer glitches and some of our processes on certain tickets take longer than expected. We can only type and click as fast as our hands can go. If only magic wands exist so we could make everything run quicker.

Don’t attack the IPad Army
A few of my fellow cast members are specially trained on special iPads called Hera, many of them are interns straight out of college. Their job with those iPads is to scan the line and yank those buying tickets with credit cards out of the will call line in an attempt to ease the process of getting you in quicker. Taking out the excess baggage if you will. Please don’t be mad that they can’t get your will call out of then. When we are busy, they are strictly ticket sales. Stay in that Will Call line and don’t take out your fustrations on them. They don’t have that bullet proof window to hide behind.

Don’t take it out on us.
Our festival season is chaos for all invovled. We get forced to extend our shifts a lot and sometimes get denied or have our breaks pushed back. We deal with a variety of ticket sales and are trying our best to give everyone the same amount of attention and respect that they deserve. I’m sure you would want nothing but the best from us as well. Please don’t cuss us out or stalk us while we are walking from booths to break while having a toddler like tantrum. We get it, it’s hot, the lines are crazy, but there really isn’t much we can do about it. Best advice is to hop to another park on the bus and get your will calls done there. Other than that, get comfy. You’ll be here awhile.

Come on a weekday if the crowds are something you hate.
Friday afternoon thruogh Sunday are our craziest times during festival season. But the weekends aren’t the only time to get your party on. We got the same events and food booths available all throughout the duration of the event. You can snag that fancy wine in the French pavilion or that Beer Flight any time of the week. Best days to do it are Mondays thruogh Thursdays. Less chaos and a lot more yummy goodness for you.

I don’t care if you are a passholder, cast member, travel agent, or the queen of France. You wait in line with everyone else.
We get a lot of people in our lines everyday from around the world, some rich who basically live here, some poor who spent years saving up for this moment, people with basic needs like a one day ticket, to those with complicated issues with existing passes. You are all treated as equals. Status doesn’t apply here. All of you are one in the same. Hang tight and we will give you all the attention you will need to make this day a great one. Skipping the line is just rude.

Respect our diversity
We have cast here who are a very mixed bunch. Some, like me, have visual impairments that make reading things take a little longer, or cast with mobility issues who can only type with one hand. We have cast who speak multiple languages, some even know sign language. Please be respectful of our differences. Some of our differences actually will enhance your stay. Who knows? You could learn a thing or two.

And don’t clap when we finish a long transaction
It isn’t only considered rude but it makes you look like an idiot. Just saying.

Rest assured, we are trying our best to get you in and out with no hassles. Work with us and we will work with you. Have those IDs, confirmation numbers, vouchers, and credit cards ready. Let’s make this a good day.

My name is Manda and I’ll be happy to help you. Have patience and faith. We got your backs.


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