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Reminding Myself of the Magic

Work has consumed most of my life the last few weeks, hence me putting my writting on hold. With Bill’s impending arrival on top of a visit home in November, money has been something hard to come by despite more hours. Lots to save up and not a lot of time to do it.

Often when working at the most magical place on earth, I often forget what it means to be on the other side of the booth.

So with my friend in toe, we wandered into Magic Kingdom, at first just to check out the new MagicBand Maker machine, but it turned into a great day to reconnect with the magic we as cast members have lost.


Even Walt and Mickey were there, happy to see us. The famous statue has been hidden due to construction for awhile.


We caught the Dream Along with Mickey Show on a fluke as we were about ready to leave. Somehow, like magic, as we both decided to get up and go home, there was Mickey and the gang dancing on the castle stage. Too often, I skip the castle show, just because I can never get a good spot to see it.

Yesterday was the day that changed that. And my, what a great show it is.


After the show, we suddenly became almost secret service like when we found a guest who dropped a popcorn on the ground. Out of nowhere, a group of like 5 of us swarmed her and we spend a good 15 minutes chit chatting away as if all of us were old friends. And of course we got her new popcorn.

We also caught the Move It Shake It Parade, where I normally get some awesome selfies with the characters .

Not this time, as one of the dancers moved all of the selfie folks aiming for the same shot to move away. Apparently, I didn’t see the massive crowd behind me over crowding poor King Louie.

Watching her watching out for her fellow performer and doing it in the kindest and most efficient way possible was all inspiring. I managed to find a manager watchig the parade to send the dancer some recognition. I didn’t get my selfie, but I did get a lot more respect for those who deal more with being one on one with the guests without a piece of glass seperating them.

All the reason to smile.

Which got me on the jumbo tron on the float. I’ll take it.


As we left, I passed the Casting Agency door, a door thousands pass every day and think nothing of it.

This door led to my dreams as a kid, being part of being something bigger than what could ever be thought of possible. I often forget that I am part of that magic that makes people flock here from all over the world each day. I make that magic happen, and that’s pretty darn awesome.





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