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Adventures in Train Travel

Well here I am, in a chilly ice box of a coach car stopped in Deland Florida, heading home to see my family and friends for the first time in 3 years.

So far, my experience has been interesting. This was my first experience claiming myself as a disabled passenger, something that I normally don’t admit myself as such.

I’m riding Amtrak as my mode of transport, mostly because I picked a crappy week to travel when it comes to ticket prices, and since I live in a tourist hot spot, my little itty bitty paycheck won’t cut it for an airplane ride.

In my search for a ride home for the holidays, I found out that Amtrak has a 15% discount for disabled passengers.

Being classified as a disabled passenger has been a great experience, the staff on the train are very helpful and friendly, as is my seat mate, who is New York bound.

We managed to get a larger leg room area reserved for disabled passengers, plenty of room for a wheelchair (or my semi too tall suitcase until someone who needs the space needs it.)

The only downside is that the disabled space doesn’t have a tray table, but the dining cart, (or cafe cart as they call it since they are testing out a cheaper menu system) has plenty of table space and outlets for charging phones and such. Not too shabby.

Now if only they had Wi-Fi. Sadly they don’t have it on our route, the Silver Star. There goes the data plan.

Well, let’s try to sleep and pray I can hold in my pee for the next 21 hours. Those bathrooms are crazy creepy and small. LOL.

The Saga Continues.



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