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A Bus Token of Appreciation -The Santa Bus

So normally, I have my daily gripes of the public bus system here in Orlando. A bulk of my day is consumed in riding a bus, my only option to get around. My lifeline if you will.

I lucked out the last few days and carpooled with a few good friends from work. But yesterday was a bus day. It was also a day I decided to extend my shift to make up for a lost day.

It’s a good thing I did.


Why hello-ho-to there!

Each year, Lynx does a series of promotions to lift the spirits of its riders and to get more people to ride the bus. They offer some neat little perks, one of which is a scavenger hunt for free passes, this year it’s random fishes on the route to go with the nautical theme. The fishes are one day bus passes.

I just so happen to catch the Santa bus. Yep, St. Nick ditched the sleigh for a public bus.


The Santa bus is decked out in Christmas decor and plays Christmas music. A nice festive ride. And for those who pay to ride, it’s free. (My bus pass is free for the legally blind.) And of course, no ride from Santa is complete without a candy cane.

My job has me making magic for hundreds everyday, sometimes it’s cool when you’re on the receiving end of the magic.

Thanks for the lift, Santa. The ride as well as my spirits.



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