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The Childless Christmas

So today, a co-worker went on a rant on Facebook, complaining that she has to work Christmas despite being 15 years with the company, which led into a rant that basically translated to “if you don’t have kids, you should work Christmas for those who have them.”

Well, that just stabbed me in the remaining ovary.

Since when did we, the childless by circumstance or choice, become second class to those who have the opprotunity to get pregnant and have children? More importantly, how did Christmas become a special holiday only those with rugrats of their own can celebrate?

Two summers ago was a scary time for me, one minute I was up at 3am in exteme pain, the next, I found myself on an operating table in prep for emergency surgery to have a grapefruit sized tumor and half my baby making bits removed, making it difficult and almost fatal to even have kids. My goals to get married and have that soccer mom life turned into bigger goals, moving up with the company I work for, making new friends, and enjoying life the best way I can.

But even that comes at a cost, as working a holiday at the world’s largest theme park has it’s not so magical quirks. But I got to take it with a smile and work the best I can while thousands of miles separate the ones I love from me.

But to create a war on Christmas based on whether or not my lady bits can make babies is an all time low.

Be mindful to those who view family as something different. Just because I haven’t had a kid doesn’t mean Christmas shouldn’t be a holiday I can celebrate. Christmas is a time of year for all to enjoy, babies or no babies.

I have a family in the form of my friends from the comic  convention circuts. I have family I call my co-workers, which, like the one complaining, have to work that day too. I may not have a conventional family down here while my real one is on the other side of the country, but I have a right like everyone to enjoy the love and magic of the season.

To those who only think about themselves, I urge you to take a look on the other side of that picket fence and the mini van and reach out to all with an open mind.

Merry Christmas to all, no matter what your baby making skills are.


A LITTLE BACKGROUND- The Mighty published this piece recently under a very straightforward title in which lead to some questions and comments.

I am low on senority, yes. But I know I must work it, after all, I signed up for it. Duty calls.

The funny thing about this company is that no matter if you are one year or forty in the company, there is a good 90% chance you’ll be working the holiday, given the nature of the business at hand.

Nobody is entitled to anything to the contrary. But everyone has a right to celebrate Christmas. I know I’ll be making the most of it with no family other than a few close friends over the course of a few days.

What irked me is the attack on the childless. I honestly don’t care about working the holiday. More money for me.

I took my co-worker’s words as a personal attack on those without children. That’s what this whole piece is about.

Whether you are with or without family, working long hours or lucked out with the day off, I wish you the best this holiday season.


One thought on “The Childless Christmas

  1. THANK YOU for writing this! As a Childless Not By Choice woman, I resonate with this SO much. This close to christmas, even though I don’t have human kids, I am stressed out and need that vacation, even if I do work from home. I am pretty passionate about this issue and have written several posts on this. This one being just one:

    I am now following your blog. Thanks again for putting this out there for discussion and dialogue! 🙂
    Merry Christmas!!


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