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Blogging Backlash

So my last post sparked up quite a debate regarding an argument I had with a fellow co-worker of mine about working Christmas day. There is more to the story that meets the eye.

Her personal attack extends further than those like me who are childless by circumstance, as her words also effected a group of college student interns that work with me called the CP’s.

The CP’s are students who spend a semester to upwards of a year working for the company on a lower wage and a system where their rent to stay on Disney property is deducted from their paychecks. Each CP can’t call out the last two weeks of their program as their contract states. Which, surprise, its Christmas time.

This makes it hard on them being away from their families as they try to coordinate their shifts with Skyping family in different time zones and trying to make the most of what they can with their roommates, Their Disney family.  Yes FAMILY!

And you know what? I totally get it. I left my hometown outside of Philadelphia to pursue my dream of working for a company I love, no matter the baggage that comes with it. I left people I love behind, and it sucks!

The point of the latest post is that everybody’s situation is different and unique, and this person’s attack on those who are childless, like the CP’s or people like me that, for one reason or another, can’t have a family of my own at this time in my life, were highly uncalled for.

I got scheduled Christmas…that isn’t the issue here.

When the Mighty decided to edit my post, they turned “The Childless Christmas”  title into a controversial title many have seen that has led you to this page. Hello, by the way 🙂

Journalism at its finest. Spark a debate by a one sentence headline that took the direction of this post into something different.

And you know what? Mission accomplished.

The point of me taking up writing and opening my little world to others is to get people to see the trials and tribulations of someone who has been through a lot. Ocular Albinism, Ovarian Cancer, PTSD and Depression/Anxiety,  having an off again on again relationship with someone who has Cerebral Palsy. That’s a lot of crap on my plate

People like me are dismissed as a flake,  a retard, troublemaker, hot mess, lazy, or my personal favorite from the comments on my story “Fat Fuck.” Thanks Adam.

The truth is I am not afraid to admit who I am, and fight for those who are in a situation like being separated from their families while trying to make a bigger and better future given the cards dealt with. Like my fellow co-workers, the CP’s or anyone else who has dealt with the discrimination from entitled people.

I am glad to get my stories out there for the world to see, and don’t mind sparking a debate that needs attention.

As for this co-worker, I would of gladly taken her shift if she had asked and if I wasn’t scheduled that day. I am a very accomadating person, despite what The Mighty depicted in the title edit. But my association with said co-worker has always been a negative experience for many reasons based on my disabilIes and the fact that I am not afraid to advocate for myself or speak up when someone is wrong. Which led us to this.

Everyone should be treated equal and not one rank of cast member should be top priority, nor rank of family structure. At the end of the day, we are all the same. Working to keep a roof over our head and food on the table.

As for me, you’ll find me in my booth at the nation’s most diverse bar with a $103.31 cover charge. Or one of the many happiest places on earth as those with kids and the young at heart call it.

Happiness comes at a sacrifice after all. And I’m cool with it. The smiles on my guests’ face are gifts enough for me.

Hats off to The Mighty for getting my story out there, as I jokingly call it, “Fox News” style. I thank you for allowing me to use my voice to speak up for others who have been there before and for giving people a platform to respond, even if it’s as barbaric as good old Adam.

By the way, I’m not fat, I’m fluffy.

To those who agree with my views or not, have a magical holiday season. I wish all my readers the best.

-Mandy Ree
(Or as the CP’s have coined me, President Mandy.)


2 thoughts on “Blogging Backlash

  1. LOVE LOVED LOVED this!! I’ve followed this story and if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to blog on this same topic. I will link to your blog as reference, but I wanted to focus on the Childless being assumed they’d be able to work holiday’s and also how this is tied into our screwed up ideas about work in this country. Good for you for shaking off the trolls (I’ve happily defended you a few times in the comments 😉 ) and coming out the other side a better person. 🙂

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