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#CrippingTheMighty, from a Mighty Writer’s POV

In February of 2015, I was bored one night after a bout of anxiety ridden insomnia, got bored with Netflix, and started messing around Facebook when I came across a site like none other. A site that encouraged disabled writers and caregivers to write about their experiences and share them with the world. I then shared this piece as an answer to a writing prompt, and a few days later, it went live.

My first venture in the social media world beyond my private Facebook page was one that, for the most part, has been quite an adventure. I experimented with many writing styles, from thank you letters, list like articles, narratives of my life past and present, as well as my hopes for the future. I wrote about a lot of personal things that up until recently, would never admit to anyone. I wrote about my friend Bill and the many adventures in my travels of self acceptance for myself and from a caregiver’s point of view.

Lately, starting from the infamous “Meltdown Bingo” post that was released around the same time as my controversial “Childless Christnas” post stirred the pot amongst both disabled and non disabled writters, parents, caregivers, and outsiders alike.  Many weren’t happy with the way the Autism community was represented and The Mighty decided to remove the Bingo post from it’s site.

Although one article that sparked a movement against The Mighty has since been removed, many writers and fans of the site started to question it’s policy on compensating it’s contributors for their work.

Which brings me to this thought.

Writing for The Mighty for me has been beneficial in trying to heal from the many trials of life that have been thrown my way. In a sense, writing for the site and interacting with an amazing communIty of bloggers became my therapy, which has inspired this very blog you are reading.

To me, that’s payment enough.

Although from a professional blogging standpoint, some form of compensation for our works would be appreciated, as well as a way to get our works out there in a more positive and effective manner.

It seems as though not every story gets its exposure for one reason or another. Lately it seems that the Autism Mommy style stories overshadowed a bulk of stories from the disabled themselves. I found the term “Inspiration Porn” thrown a lot out there from the anti-mommy blog community to be one in which I as a former caregiver fall into.

But yet amungst The Mighty’s ever growing collection of stories, my stories sometimes get lost in the shuffle, as do many of my fellow bloggers who blog about, well, you know, other disabilities.

This doesn’t make me a hater of anyone who writes about their kids or the people they care for. But it does beg the question, who is The Mighty’s main audience anyway?

The site was inspred by a parent of a child with a disability, which makes perfect sense as to why it seems to favor the parent over the disabled writer.

But don’t you think it’s about time to somehow make The Mighty even mightier?

By mightier, I mean get the site subsetted, have a parents and caregivers section seperated from the disabled writers so stories are easier to find for the visitors of the site so they aren’t bombarded by mommy blogs that seem to overshadow the works of many that were voiceless for so many years.

I will never stop believing in The Mighty and their mission to share stories of people overcoming adversity, but changes need to be made before a good thing goes sour.

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was The Mighty. There is a lot of work to be done and I’m sure together, we can accomplish it by sharing our thoughts like true adults and not battle one another like creepy dudes in their mom’s basement hiding behind their keyboard, trolling one another.



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