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The Great Journey of 2015!

This year has brought a lot of surprises and amazing accomplishments, many a lot of people thought I wouldn’t be able to do despite my recent diagnosis of anxiety and my PTSD having its fair share of coming out in my most crucial moments. This year has brought some much needed personal growth for me.

I made it full time, handled a break up better than I thought I would, learned to budget my money better for the most part, and made a great group of friends. I also finally am getting back to taking care of me. For most of my adult life, it was always about taking care of someone else.

I spent much of my holiday season at work, and although I’m miles from home, I found myself surrounded by great people with kind hearts who have took me in as their own. The family I gained down here is ever changing. The college kids are leaving and many of my mini family have moved on to bigger and better things. I can’t be any more proud of them. To those who have supported me while I was down here, whether it be throwing a joke or two my way to being there in my lowest times, thank you.

Although my anxiety is heightened due to my annoying neighbors shooting off bottle rockets outside my window and the fact I have work in 6 hours, I do believe this year has shapened me to become a bigger better person with a lot more strengh to handle whatever life throws my way.

2016, I hope you treat me with positive vibes and more accomplished goals.

Let’s see what tomrrow…and the new year…brings.



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