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An Amazing Uber Ride

Today was like any day at work, busy and eventful, not to mention exausting.

Typically, I have to take buses everywhere I go, being legally blind makes a 20 minute drive home into a three hour bus ride most days, even more so with the local highway under construction as well as Disney Springs, the newly renovated shopping district on Disney property.

So when I have extra money, I Uber it.

I went to an area where I could hail myself a ride, and when I went to request a ride, I came across this pop up that informed me that my driver was hard of hearing and it thanked me for putting in my destination so they can get step by step written directions.

Needless to say, I am impressed.


My driver’s name was Scott and he was extremely helpful. He was able to read lips and had a phone charger, water, and candy all set up in between the seats for his passengers. He was able to talk to me and our conversation was great. We joked around about the irony that one of us was hearing impaired, while the other one was visually impaired.

He was my eyes and I was his ears.

I am amazed that a company such as Uber went out of their way to accommodate their drivers in a way I have never seen before.

Thank you Uber for offering equal opprotunity for all, and for the safe ride home. And thank you, Scott for everything.

Diversity is awesome.


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