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Conquering My Fears

Today, I did something radical in terms of how much crazy I can handle.

Since I tend to get lost in crowds, which gets my social anxiety levels higher than anything, I tend to avoid a lot of places and events. Magic Kingdom and the 3pm parade are some of them.

Well today, I picked up a shift, in Magic Kingdom, doing parade audience control… or PAC.


The day started off as normal as possible, doing what is vacation planners do best… planning vacations.

Once lunch time came around, I was sent with a great group of girls who took me under their wing. We rode the monorail over to Magic Kingdom and went backstage to get our assignments.

My goal for the two hours I was out there was to keep the sidewalk clear and to move people safely to either the viewing area or out of the walking space.

I had a few moments where I did panic a bit after having a barrage of strollers and three guests asking me questions about a park I never work in, but the PAC team came in and helped me calm down and get my bearings back.

To get paid to watch the parade was a neat added perk, and to march somewhat behind the last float was pretty cool before we made our human wall that separates the crowds coming and going.

After we wrapped up, I was handed a 4 Keys Card for making it through what had to have been the hardest thing I ever did. I conquered a fear I have had for years, and got paid to do it.

I know I still have some work to do in handling situations like this, but I made it. And thanks to an awesome team, I survived.

Thanks PAC team. You are all amazing!



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