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More Than Just Cookies

In my attempt to combat my anxiety, I picked up a few shifts at Magic Kingdom, today was one of those days, and honestly, I’m starting to like it here.

A year ago, I picked up a shift on a day where everyone was crabby and I felt like a burden on everyone. That and it was super busy. I swore that day I would never go back.

But lately with some budget cuts and less hours on my schedule due to other obligations, I realized I can’t keep living my life in fear of a place that could give my paycheck an extra boost.

I picked up two shifts prior to today, and without hesitation unlike the last few times, I picked up shift number three.

Today was a great day, my head held up much higher, despite some troubling news about Bill’s health that had me in an insomnia fit.

Today seemed so much different. So many smiling faces, a random cookie party in the conference room, and time to catch up with a few good friends who left Epcot.

For once, I felt happy here.

And it’s not because of the cookies.

I think it’s safe to say I have conquered my fear. If I can make it in the most busiet park on property, it’s safe to say I can make it anywhere.

Isn’t life sweet?



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