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When you come to my booth

Upon arrival at one of the four magical Disney parks, you will find me in a ticket booth, a little slower than other lines you might see, but quick enough to the point where you aren’t too angry to leave.

Upon observation, I do things differently than my booth partner. Whether it be my fancy digital magnifier or the upcycled camera lense, I take great detail in getting vital information off your will calls and identification cards, making sure one typo doesn’t make your 8 day trip into an already used two day ticket from three years ago (you’ll be surprised how one letter or number off can make a difference.)

You might notice that if you are a Florida resident, and purchase a certificate that requires demographics, and you’re part of a large group, your identification and Your tickets become a game of Memory.  This way of organizing helps me make sure the names match correctly. Doing this blindly and trying to attempt it by memory like everyone else will only make issues for your trip. Sometimes it pays to be paranoid.

But one thing you will notice, which some will find shocking, is that I don’t discriminate.

I get several special needs adults who are annual passholders, who have their parents fitting the bill. Many parents tend to hush their children, whom in my eyes, I see as an adult who simply wants to answer a question or tell me some random fact about something while I’m in mid transaction. I don’t mind the idle chat, as it breaks the norm of my day.  I hold my special needs passholders accountable for their passes, explain everything about them in details they understand, I have them write their name on the card, no matter how sloppy it may be. I even give them the booklet with the discounts, despite the fact that they might understand what is inside. I get a lot of strange looks from parents because I treat their kids like the adults they really are.

I’ve been on the other side of the window in many occausions, being downtalked or assumed I am not there because I’m disabled. I’m reality, we are all adults who just want to fit in with the world.

My booth may be a bit quirky, and things might not be the norm. But one thing is for sure, you are all welcome, with open arms. I might do things unorthodox, but it’s all for a good cause. To give you the best day ever.

To quote Walt himself.

“To all who come to this happy place, welcome.”



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