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A Very Spooky Weekend

For the last two years, I have had the opportunity to volunteer at this amazing con called Spooky Empire, a twice a year horror and rock convention that takes place in Orlando, once in the spring, and once in October.


This year’s theme was Retro, a celebration of Spooky’s 30th convention. Retro made it’s promise to bring on the throwbacks the only way they could, by hosting it in the original hotel, the Wyndham Resort on I-Drive.

The volunteers who work the show are like a great big family, many of us have worked the convention for years and being reunited with them is always a good time.


There was a variety of things to see and do, from cosplayers and costume contests, pool parties, celebrity Q&A panels with the casts of Weird Science, Day of the Dead, Space Ghost, and Alice Cooper, and tons of vendors selling a variety of toys, movie props, crafty things, and my favorite, Cupcake Zombies. Every Spooky means a new deadly dessert to add to the collection. (Thanks Vicious Collectibles)


The highlight of my weekend, when I wasn’t working and being mentored on being a lead, was meeting Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment . He is a legend of all things B-rated and gruesome. And one hell of an amazing guy.


A few years back, my ex had a nightmare about Bill, which lead to the idea of a Troma like horror flick based off the idea of could a developmentally delayed person pull off the ultimate killing spree.

I had that idea typed out into a 50 page screenplay on a computer, which sadly kicked the bucket after getting a virus and I was never able to finish it. My mediun of writting has now become a cracked smart phone, not quite the best way to write up a screenplay.

Meeting Lloyd and trying to pick his brain has been a great experience for me. I attended his panel and purchased his book “Make Your Own Damn Movie” which I got autographed, as well as a shirt.  Every time I passed him, he always came up and gave me a hug, referred to me all weekend as TromAmanda. You could tell he cared deeply for his fans and the people who are inspired by his works. And for me, that is what makes a great artist.



Meeting Lloyd has given me that kick in the ass I need to expand my writting beyond my memoirs and disability pieces and take things to the next level.

Can’t wait to see my name in lights one day, even if it’s just in a tiny little theater somewhere in the middle of nowhere or direct to DVD in the Wallyworld bin. Anything is possible.


Now please excuse me while I get that book cracked open as I recover from the all mighty Con Crud. Blegh!


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