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Why I Find Great Inspiration in Zootopia

Zootopia for weeks has been the top movie everyone at work has gone nuts about. What was originally to me just “another silly kids movie” has brought great inspiration, thanks to a little bunny known as Judy Hopps.

Judy reminds me of myself, growing up in an area where I faced prejudice due to my differences. I was always told by my peers that I would never fit in, that I wouldn’t accomplish anything in my life. Judy was just a wee little bunny, and I was just a “dumb blind kid”.

What Judy craved the most was the ultimate dream of leaving home and going to the big city, going to the police academy and chasing her dream job. Same with me, being in my hometown that many nicknamed “Leave It Town” would of been the death of me. Living life in the city was what I craved, and I couldn’t wait to get out there, hoping to one day make it to my dream job at Disney World.

Like Judy, I failed many times trying to reach my goals. I eventually dropped out of college because of the economy and had to go back home to my small little town for a few years. I missed the big city like crazy. But I eventually found my way back.

Life has its many challenges, and whether you are a bunny trying to be a cop or a blind girl trying to make it in the big world alone , you could find your way back to the top. It just may take some time, and a little help from a Fox BFF, or in my case, a guy in a wheelchair (Bill is my Nick Wilde)

But what made Zootopia more inspirational for me was the song Shakira sings at the end called “Try Everything” The lyrics nailed my life experience to the T. I wanted to try everything even though I knew I would fail. But I didn’t give in and I’ve reached the top, making my dreams a reality despite being a person with phayical limitations.

I give mad props to Officer Hopps, for showing the world that anything is possible.

“Try Everything”

Mandy with her friends in front of Zootopia’s back drop in Disney Springs

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