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The Pin

Today was like any normal day, waking up early to go to work , making sure I clock in on time , and just trying to make it through the day despite my anxiety getting to me. My friend Amanda decided to take me to Magic Kingdom to check out the Move It Shake it Dance and Play it parade after my shift. Sometimes a cast member needs to go out and play for a bit to take their minds off the daily stresses we face everyday. There is something magical about working for the mouse after all.

We made it to The Hub, the central circle in front of Cinderella castle. A group of people, who were also off duty cast members, decided to join in on our chat with the Parade Control lady while waiting for the parade to begin.

While in mid chat, a gentleman from the group, a young red headed man, noticed a pin on the lady’s lanyard he wanted. After mentioning that he had interest in the Stitch pin on her lanyard, he realized he didn’t bring anything to trade.

While looking at her lanyard, there was Princess Tiana, staring at me. I mentioned she was my favorite as well, but I faced the same dilemma. Pinless.

The young man decided he was going to take a trek to the gift shop for some pins to trade. While he was gone, a little kid wound up trading for the pin that he had his eyes on, one of Stitch. I felt bad for the guy, but it is a little kid after all.

A few minutes later, the guy came back, looked at the lanyard, made a mention of total bummerness that he missed out on the trade, then looks at me.

“Tiana is your favorite, right?”

I nod in agreement.

Next thing you know, he asked the lady “I’ll trade this for Tiana, for this young lady right here.” As he pointed to me.

A complete stranger whom I only met 15 minutes ago, whom I only share a bond as being a cast member, gave one of his pins up for me, asking for nothing in return.

I gave him a hug in thanks as the parade began, and all of the sudden, him and his crew were lost in the crowd, dancing along with the characters.

I never did get his name, only that he worked at Pinocchio Village Haus and was possibly a college program student. I want to return the favor in whatever way I can.

We make magic everyday for thousands people around the world, and it’s a rare thing for a cast member to make magic upon another cast member. To me, working at Disney has given me 74,000 brothers and sisters, who all share the common dreams Walt did when he created his parks.  To whoever you are, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing act of kindness. 

Sometimes even the magic makers need a little magic themselves.




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