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Disney After Hours, A Dream Come True

Ever wondered what the Magic Kingdom would look like essentially abandoned, but with the rides open and free ice cream and soda around every corner?

Well, yesterday, I got to experience it first hand.


After Hours at Magic Kingdom is a special ticketed event where, for $149, you and a limited amount of people get access to Magic Kingdom and 25 of it’s best attractions after the park closes to the general public, for three hours.

However, you could get in as early as 6pm to stretch that ticket out more. Which made for some time to meet up with a few friends who also happened to have that ticket.


We were fortunate enough to have our leaders at work gift us the tickets as a way for us to experience it and share the perks of the event with our guests.

Once the park emptied out after Wishes, it was empty, almost scary empty. And it was ours to explore.



Which made for some good photo ops.


And not so good photo ops.


And of course, what visit to the Magic Kingdom wouldn’t be without a visit to see The Boss himself.


Not him…the other one.


Opprotunities like this come once in a lifetime. And I am blessed to be a part of it.

Thank you to my managers for making this possible.


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