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Dating “Normal” in a Disabled World

The dating world has been an interesting experience for me as a person with a physical disability. Seems I tend to gravitate towards the disabled, my first crush I tried to pursue in second grade was a kid with a walker, my first teenage boyfriend a brain cancer survivor, my college years was a man with cerebral palsy, and most of my adult life was spent with an Aspie who happened to have bipolar.

Looking back at this pattern has led me to the belief that I attract the “broken” because I am also broken.

My family has pressured me to “date normal men” in hopes I can make them grandkids, however my experiences in the “normal” world have been far from superior.

An opprotunity has potentially struck me, and honestly, I don’t want to make a big fuss of it. But I do want him and any potential dates to know that normalness is just something I am not familiar with. Other than the mean kids who dated me on a dare or the ones only concerned about “hooking up.”

I want to come out of this bubble I have been stuck with. I want him to look past my flaws, see me for me and accept it. And to not worry about the stigma that comes with dating a disabled chick. You know how macho men can be.

I always had this belief that I was broken and that nobody would want me, and I stayed in my comfort zone.

I think it’s time to break out of that shell and learn to take risks, if only I could prove that I am more than what people see me as.

On the outside, I might be this slightly chunky blind chick, but when you meet the real me, I will be the sweet, funny, down to earth girl you are hopefully looking for.

My friend told me recently that “My vision is what is stopping me from moving forward.”

After some thought, I now know what he meant.

Maybe it’s time to look at myself as something more than a medical label or a diagnosis.

I am Mandy,

And I want to get to know you better.

Hoping you feel the same.



One thought on “Dating “Normal” in a Disabled World

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Very well said. It drives me nuts when people just look at my disability and say, “hey, I have this friend that I think you’ll really get along with. They are also in a chair.” Like being in a chair is like the bat-symbol, a sign that I’ll get along with them. Not that I have a personality beyond my chair or anything. 😀


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