Posted in Out of State Adventures

It’s finally happening

So after one failed attempt after another, from financial stress to sickness and every single messed up thing you can imagine, it’s finally happening….

I’m going to Providence to see Bill!

Back in January, I made the decision that I can’t rely on anyone but myself to make this trip a reality. Waiting for Bill to save money for Disney would take years, and waiting for help from parents and friends tends to lead to disappointment, due to vehicle trouble, etc.

In less than 21 hours, I will finally be on a plane heading back to where my adult life began, back to the place where I found my first true love, learned the do’s and don’ts of survival, and just overall learned to adult. This city has won my heart over with its charm and overall ambiance. Not to mention the memories. Sweet nostalgia.

I just clocked out, time to head home and pack.

Peace out Epcot. See you in a week.



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