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Dreaming About Providence- Day 1

So yesterday, I finally made the trek out to see Bill. And as you can see, this reunion was one for the books.

Hello Rhode Island

Like a scene from a movie, I dived off the esculater, threw my bags off my shoulders, and tackled him. I missed him so much.

Been waiting for this moment forever.

I surprised him with a Mickey Mouse pillow pet. I think he loves the thing more than me. LOL

"My Mickey!"

We spent our first night in his apartment, spent hours on the couch just catching up on a lot of things in our lives. I read him my Mighty stories and he was just so happy that I got brave to share my stories to the world.

Catching up on lost time.

And of course, he played with his Pillow Pet. The guy has a soft spot for stuffed animals. “I’m like a big kid.” He said. Ain’t no shame in that.

He just melts my heart.

The night was also spent going through his storage bins looking for old photos, and this one takes the cake. I think he gives the Beatles a run for their money.

Who is that sexy guy?
Taking it back to 2005. Where it all began.

Today will be a nice relaxing day, walking to the park near his house and going out to dinner downtown at our favorite pizza place Uno’s, which was one of our many hangouts back in the day. It’s going to be fun seeing what downtown looks like now.


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