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Dreaming About Providence -Day 3

Today didn’t start off as magical as I hoped. I had my first panic attack in months when I saw Bill having problems breathing and he has to put his apnea machine on. Seeing him with that mask just set me off to the point where I was shaking. (Thank god for my brain meds.) He was so understanding and showed me great love when I was falling apart. I hate to see him with a machine attached to him. But I have to learn to accept this reality. His staff were caring and taught me that he isn’t as sick as I thought. They really put my mind at ease.

But the day did get better, as we went on a breakfast date with Barbara, a friend of ours from the self advocacy circuit in Rhode Island.

What a great reunion indeed.

The real Advocates In Action
Amanda runs on Dunkin

We spent a quiet afternoon coloring again. This time, I got a robot to add to my collection.



We got to go bowling today, it was hilarious watching this amazing Special Olympian out bowl me.



Seeing how amazing he is doing and how happy he can be took away the fears I had this morning. His strength outshines anything I ever witnessed.

I don’t want this week to end.


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