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Dreaming About Providence – Day 4

Today was a nice, semi Billy free day, seeing it has been a long time since I went to visit my college, I’d figure today would be the day to venture off while Billy goes to work.

Of course, I had to get him ready before I left.

My working man!
Isn't he cute in his work outfit?

And of course, we all need a nap before work, right?

He just warms my heart.

I made it back to the place where it all began, the place where I met Billy through the mentorship program I was with freshman year, the place where my dreams came true and I learned to grow into the professional person I am today.

Hello, Gaebe Commons, it’s been a long time.

Welcome to JWU!




I managed to get my Alumni card and did some shopping at the bookstore. Can’t leave home without my very own Wildcat.

Always a wildcat!

Afterwards, I wandered back to my old internship in hopes I would catch up with Min, my former boss from my internship, at the Big Nazo Lab but to no avail.

That still didn’t stop me from catching up on the latest news that the Lab will be closing down and moving somewhere else.

Good thing my timing is right.

I also couldn’t leave without a few fun pics.




And yes, folks, I got to pet Donald Trump.


After my little adventure, Billy’s staff met me outside his building and took me to the movies to “pick him up from work.”

And afterwards, we saw Zootopia. His treat.


Tomorrow is a nice long day, as we are heading to the Premium Outlets to visit the Disney Store. Before I left, my boss gave me $60 in gift cards I earned along with my co-workers in a resort wide sales competition. I figured if he can’t get to Disney, let’s bring Disney to him.

Such a shame our trip is near an end, but this is the beginning of many trips I plan to take in my lifetime. His staff have been a godsend, and have done a lot to help me enjoy my time with Billy, from cooking his meals and helping me learn self care techniques for when I’m alone with him, they have done it all.  I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality.


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