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Dreaming About Providence- Day 5

Today was a nice road trip to Wrentham MA, where there is a Premium Outlet mall complete with a Disney Store and a Friendly’s. The perfect place for a perfect day out.

Road trip time!

We started our journey by going to Friendly’s, it’s been forever since I have been there. Our server Britney was amazing with us, especially with Billy. He told her I came here on vacation from Disney World and she just was so fascinated with our stories about it. We talked about our favorite Disney characters and favorite Disney attractions. Of course we had to get a picture with her. She showed him great love, unlike many people do when we go on our outings.

Thank you Britney

We decided to get this crazy huge ice cream sundae for the hell of it. Because we’re that bad ass. And Billy wanted to take funny videos of this ice cream sundae to tease his staff person since he hates bananas. Getting a huge sundae was something I wanted to do with him when I thought he was going to Disney, and I’m happy I was able to do something like this for him without setting foot in the park.

The "biggest sundae ever!"

After we left Friendly’s, we went to the Disney Store to spend my gift cards. And basically, I let him loose.

Shopping Spree Time!

With my discounts and my gift cards, we managed to get out of the place with two Stitch dolls (one for each of us,) a Frozen DVD for him, a new Ariel shirt and Sofia bag for me, and his very own Spider-Man Tsum Tsum pillow.

My Spidy!
Our Stitch twins.

We have spent the night watching his new DVD on repeat, cuddling with his toys and just enjoying every last waking moment we have left before I head back to Orlando tomorrow.

Gee, I wonder where my Billy went.

This trip has been the ultimate dream of mine, and I am blessed to have had this time with him. This has been the best week of my life. Tomorrow will be a sad day, but at least I will be going back with less stress and a smile on my face, knowing that we had the best time ever, and have plans to do this more. Distance will never keep us apart.

Sweet dreams Providence. And sweet dreams, my darling Sunshine.

I'll treasure these moments with him forever.

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