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Dreaming About Providence- Day 6

My last day in Providence worked out better than I thought. My flight got delayed and Billy’s staff Scott helped us sneak in another date, right after Billy showed me his slick moves in his walker.

Standing proud.
My strong willed Sunshine.

We went out to IHOP for breakfast and everything was awesome. I treated Scott to breakfast, seeing as he has been an influential part of Billy’s life in getting him to walk again.

Breakfast time selfie!

Since my flight got delayed, Scott wanted to take us to the Warwick Mall to kill some time. Apparently, there is this laser show thing in the mall. In all places, a furniture store. Yes, a furniture store. The show is called Splash and it’s a 15 minute show set to music, lasers, and fountains. Clearly it was a weird experience sitting inside a furniture store watching a light show that actually puts Disney to shame. I kid you not.




The pictures don't do it justice.

Sadly, I had to bid farewell to the person who has changed my life forever. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry…

Too freaking bad.

He tries to be so macho, but he broke down in tears too. Guess we are just weaklings like that.

His excuse when Scott asked if he was OK was “I have allergies.”

I guess I have “allergies” too.

I’m allergic to leaving him behind.

My last "Biggest Hug in the World!" for awhile

This trip brought me much needed happiness, something I haven’t had since I left Rhode Island years ago. It’s hard to find myself in a big bad world such as this, but because of people like Billy, I have that guiding force that helps me overcome great adversity, that anything is possible, and life can be just as magical despite your shortcomings.

Thank you Billy for allowing me into your world for a week.

Some people vacation on the beach, at a theme park, or on a cruise.

I spent the week in a supportive living apartment building in the country’s smallest state, and I’ll do it again in a heartbeat.

Thank you Avatar Residential and the amazing staff that cares for Billy for all you have done for him and for me.

In the meantime, time to go back to the real world for a bit. With a happy heart and calm mind…and a stowaway. Thanks Billy.

Billy's teddy bear Sunshine was a nice stowaway in my carry on bag. Thanks love bug! 😄

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